Ban Chang bars

Ban Chang is located between Sattahip and Rayong. It is 18 km from Sattahip, 20 km from Rayong and approximately 45 km from Pattaya (map). It is the western most Amphoe in the province of Rayong, bordering Sattahip Amphoe which is in Chonburi.

This website was originally concerned mainly with the single strip of Bars catering to westerners, although we covered a few of the bars and one hotel in the adjacent Soi. Often referred to as The Street of Dreams or the Ban Chang Strip. This Soi, of some 30 Bars and Pubs, plus the odd shop and food stall, is commonly referred to amongst both ex-pats and tourists simply as Ban Chang although the town itself is much larger and has far more to offer.

In May 2016 we expanded the site to cover ALL businesses and features and the whole of Amphoe Ban Chang.

The town is also popular for its beaches and attracts tourists from far and wide although these are predominantly Thai.

It is also a popular area to live with the ex-pat golfing fraternity due to the abundance of high quality golf courses between Sattahip and Rayong. Several of the Bars in the strip are “golfing bars” that not only offer a place to wind down after a round but arrange regular trips and tournaments.

Featured Ban Chang bars and Businesses

Als deli
Noot bar
Faces bar
Design t-shirts
Valley View Restaurant
BP Group Property Services – updated July 2017
Bamboo bar and club
One bar
Valley View car hire
Nina’s Kitchen
Bella Vista Restaurant
Smarties bar and restaurant
Finnegans Irish bar and restaurant – opened October 2017
Micasa Cafe – added January 2018

New bars and businesses, name changes and updates

Camel Pub – sadly now CLOSED!
MC Sports bar – added March 2018
Finnegans Irish Pub – added November 2017
Beehive Coffee and Bistro – added July 2017
Euro Curry – added July 2017
Bowls Club – closed February 2018
Mams beer bar under new ownership – August 2016
Classic bar opened on the Strip
Spicy bar – moves to the Offshore end of the strip.
Smarties bar – formerly Meeting Point
Page added for Property Services

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