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Farang bar is located at the Offshore end of the bars strip in Ban Chang, Rayong, Thailand. It opened for business in September 2014 and so is one of the more recent bars to open.

It is a lively, bright, modern style bar with three distinct sections. First, the outside which has a comfortable seat and table. Chill out, watch the world go by, or drink with friends. Secondly, the bar area itself. This is brightly coloured and brightly lit with a very modern feel. There are comfortable bar stools and a large screen where you can select music videos from a laptop on the bar. Lastly there is a private, no cctv, VIP area at the rear of the bar complete with stage and comfortable seating. This room can be used for a little privacy away from the well lit bar, but also for party nights where both doors are opened up and there are dancers on stage.

Drinks prices are standard for Ban Chang. Bottled beer is 80 Baht, Lady drinks are around 120 Baht although it does depend on the drink.

They have a special ringing the bell, in fact a buzzer, offer of 1000 Baht for tequila shots for everyone regardless of how many customers and hostesses are present. This, of course, adds to the fun when people are partying.

Opening hours : Officially mid-day to midnight but this bar tends to attract people late and night and will often stay open beyond midnight for the enduring customers that like to party on into the small hours.

Farang bar contact and media

Address : Soi Tessabahn 25, Ban Chang, Rayong, Thailand 20130
Contact : via Facebook
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Farang-Bar-1531404973784666/
Website : http://www.farang-bar.com

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  1. Such a nice bar but a bit hit or miss on the staff volumes. Great place to go with friends for the video juke alone but its at its best if you take some company in with you rather than hope to find some there.

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