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There are many hotels in Ban Chang, the best of which we link to below. Please also consider the bars who offer accommodation, especially those sponsoring this website such as the Camel Pub and One bar.

Recommended hotels in Ban Chang

Royal Phala Cliff Beach hotel – The Royal Phala Cliff has the reputation as the best hotel in the area overall. It is however somewhat isolated in it location being between Phala Road and Phayun Road at the beach front. Great for a weekend away but not so great if you want to be within easy reach of the bars strip in central Ban Chang. Despite its reputation the older buildings are a little worn and in our opinion the Purimas Beach hotel (see below) is a higher quality.

Purimas Beach hotel – 4 star hotel on the main road running between Phayun Beach and Nam Rin Beach.

Pennys Homestay – Penny’s Homestay is a small but comfortable, low cost, resort located around a few kilometres from the center of Ban Chang. It is close to the bars strip. it is however more suited to family stays. Rooms are small but comfortable and it has a pool and a gym. You can see the Pennys Homestay page on this site for info on availability and booking.

Ban Chang Palace hotel – this is located about a 6 minute walk from the Strip but not on the Strip itself. Probably the most popular hotel close to the bar for those who actually want a real hotel as opposed to a Guesthouse.

Sunee Place – these are small, and very cheap, apartment style rooms about 100 metres from the bars on the Strip. They are on the same road. Short and long term lets are available. They tend to be more popular with long term residents but are a good alternative if One bar etc are full.

Other hotels in Ban Chang

These are worth looking into but we do not have enough information to really comment.

Banchang Apartment and Hotel

At Home Banchang

Royal Place Banchang

Sea View Hostel

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