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Information for bar and business owners in Ban Chang about this website.

A basic listing on the site is FREE of charge!

Full listings cost 3000 Baht per annum or 5000 Baht one off lifetime fee. Discounts are available if you take more than one page.


Paid listings include the following :

  • Full written description – you can write it
  • Full contact and media links are added as applicable
  • Advertising is removed from your page
  • Location map added
  • Image gallery added
  • Header image added
  • Added to Site Sponsors category
  • Facebook Page Feeds added if applicable
  • Updates to information when provided
  • Paid Pages are extensively promoted on Social Media

To give some idea of why to upgrade please consider the following

The site appears in the top few listings in Google for all relevant searches i.e

Ban Chang
Ban Chang Thailand
Ban Chang bars
Ban Chang restaurants
Ban Chang hotels

The site currently has around 800 page Views per day. This will grow as the site itself grows. Sponsored listings receive around 65% of these views.

Listings are not transferable. If you think you will sell your business within two years then you should take the annual paid option.

If you wish to add or upgrade a listing on this website please use the contact form below.


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